Physical and Mental Strength

Why do we Soldier up on Sunday?

When everyone else is sleeping the day away, this is when you can train yourself for success. When everyone else is relaxing and watching television, you can prepare yourself for dedicated, hard work. People fail in life because they get caught off guard. I look up to the sport of boxing for inspiration of how to prepare not only for my professional life, but personal struggles.

Muhammed Ali was a fighter.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

He got into the ring and did battle.  When he was in the ring, the audience saw his sweat and exasperation for ten, fifteen, thirty, even forty-five minutes. Just like the rest of us in our work and personal lives, no one sees the hard work Muhammed Ali dedicated to his sport.  But if the best fighters did not prepare for battle, they would never be successful.  You have to prepare yourself for battle. This is true not only for boxers, but for the rest of us.  We are all soldiers in life.

In life, no one sees how hard you have prepared. Are you prepared for the lights, camera, action, so you can come out winning? Are you going to be a CHUMP or a CHAMPION? It’s easy to simply exist through life. But to be a true soldier, you have to thrive. This is why we have to practice one, two, even three times a day to defend ourselves against the checks life throws at us. You have to train. You have to be committed.

Just like real soldiers, training is mentally and physically demanding.  You have to get support and preparation for battle in four areas.

  • Mind
  • Physical
  • Support system
  • Defense against failure

Training the mind and body goes together. The mind has to be strong for the body to be strong, and vice versa. Your support system implies who you’re fighting for, why your fighting for them, and if their supportive of you in return.

The last component is critical to your growth. Failure is why we prepare for success. No one wants to fail, so preparing yourself with the skills to defend against life’s obstacles helps us understand our fears. This is personal.

Through preparation and skill, you can defend yourself against any failure and be as successful in your life as Muhammed Ali was in the ring.