Three Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

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If you are in your thirties living a happy life with a healthy family, it’s doubtful that you are considering life insurance. You are busy thinking about checking your alarm every night before bed. You have to make sure you get the kids to school on time. Maybe you’re even worried about the fight you and your spouse just had last night. You’re stressed about money; can you afford to go on vacation? What about covering your parents’ medical bills?  Despite all of these stressors, you count yourself lucky. You love your spouse and your children. Coming home brings you utter joy.

So, do you need life insurance?

Yes! Of course you should consider life insurance as a parent.

1. Financial Stability: If one of you in the marriage dies, the surviving partner will be stuck without no support. How could they stay in your current home, save for the children’s future,  pay off student loans, and prepare to retire in the future without the income from your salary? Life insurance is a way of covering this lost income and thus pay for expenses. With life insurance, financial stability is one less thing for you to worry about in the case of any tragedy.

2. Preparation: If you are hesitant about life insurance coverange, you may change your mind later in the future. This indecision will cost you thousand because premiums are based on metrics of age and your health. So, buying life insurance nearly guarantees  bigger problems if you wait until you’re older.

3. Live in the Now: Life insurance benefits those who are alive. Buying life insurance has nothing to do with you, even though it feels like it reflects your personal life.  Life insurance is protects your family and all of your loved ones by providing financial relief It’s about them, so make this smart investment as a powerful choice to let them know that you care about your family.

Live your life for the now.


How Can You Get Accurate Life Insurance Quotes?

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Life insurance.  A way of protecting your assets for your loved ones in case of the worst possible accident.  You’ve seen the commercials – many agencies offer quotes – but how do you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck?

Life insurance sellers can ethically respond to the requests of their consumers by asking a few questions first.  Many sellers jump to immediately sending quotes and an application before listening to the needs of their clients. The best agency will reach out to each individual,  sending a brief needs analysis and having a conversation.  Then, the more complex issue of rate classes can be determined.

What exactly is a rate class?

A rate class is a bracket that displays the cost of coverage for applicants. This number is based on preliminary information in the quoting stage. The information is based on mortality information. So, rate classes are divided into three or four categories, or “brackets”: Preferred Best, Preferred, Standard Plus, Standard, with table ratings added.

The problem that’s out there in the realm of insurance is that many providers underwrite coverage of potential customers.  In order to offer accurate quotes, agencies must offer the desire and the skills necessary to determine which bracket customers best fit into.

Unrealistic expectations at the quoting stage can prepare customers for disappointment. So get a realistic quote to get on the right path.

The early stage of quoting is the perfect time to get the number that matches your situation. Only then will the numbers actually be meaningful to you. When asking for a quote, you are in a critical moment to discuss things that will help you in important fiscal decisions. Treat the initial steps not as a buying situation, but as a life choice. Don’t let quoting fears shy you away from buying life insurance!


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