Transforming Hate into Positivity

“Hate. It has caused a lot of problems in this world but has not solved one yet.”

This is one of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou.  So many people go through their day unhappy and hateful.  When things go wrong in our lives, we like to find a scapegoat.  Hatred affects situations as benign as teenagers blaming their parents for not buying them stylish new clothes. But the inability for people to forgive affects global issues as well, if you consider distrust and conflicts between nations that have existed centuries.  You can hate one person, but you may hate a whole group of people.  This balance affects our whole society.

Hate is a powerful emotion.  It creates a distaste for your surroundings.  When you hate your fellow humans, your brain will feel confused about how its supposed to engage with the rest of the world.  Refusing to forge paths of trust and forgiveness alienates you.

Think of our human society as a huge fortress.  Individuals live behind colossal, concrete walls formed on prejudice and hatred.  You have the power to destroy that wall using the power of positivity. You have the power to initiate connections through forgiveness, support, and gratitude.  Instead of an impenetrable fortress, we will create a nurturing home.

When you commit to seeing the world with a positive outlook, hate can transform into love and gratitude.  Remember my advice: If you don’t have anything nice to say, zip it!  Further, if you don’t have anything nice to say, think about something nice to say.  Fill your life with nice people and nice moments.  Kindness acts as a formidable defense against hate.  Energized to affect the world with hope and happiness, people infused with positivity will be the ones who solve the world’s problems.


If you’re struggling to combat a negative attitude, start small.  Turn to a stranger while waiting in line at the supermarket and ask them how their day is going.  Buy an unsolicited gift for your spouse.  Volunteer in your local community.  Getting through life is challenging!  It’s easy to get bogged down by your personal and professional life and their daily stresses.  But avoid hate and blame.  Remember that you have the power to change the word with positivity, not hate.

from Motivational Speaking Check out Sabrina Lloyd’s latest blog post:


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